Cities attract people.
As a marketplace, as an emancipation machine, as a space to meet the other. Today, half of the world’s population lives in cities. It is predicted that this number will rise to 80% in the thirty years to come. I’m interested in cities. I’m highly interested in how they operate. I want to know what makes them attractive.

We are all migrants.
We all went from a village to the city and after that moved from one city to another. How can cities make us stay? How to keep talented people in? Every company in the world is continuously searching for the best talents to be able to survive in a highly competitive market. Cities have the same obligation to invest in connecting with talent.

Cities as magnets
Not all cities are growing. When lacking the necessary characteristics that bind people to a place, a city shrinks. What can be done to make people prefer your city over other cities? What makes a city a magnet, what makes a city an attractive city? It’s all about identity.

Attractive cities are creative cities.
An attractive city is an ongoing marketplace, where the important goods of a time are on offer. Places where talent finds inspiration. An attractive city has a history: it tells a story through it’s architecture and it’s people. Attractive cities are functioning well: they are green, clean and safe. Creativity, tradition and functionality are all important in making a city attractive.

The learning experience
Creative Cities helps you analyze to make your city attractive. Creative Cities helps you to make public space better. Let the city become a creative and attractive place where people love to live. We help you focus, to find the right course. For Creative Cities every opportunity to go somewhere is a learning experience. In all the places we visit, we talk and we learn. Everywhere, every time, again and again.

One thought on “Is your city attractive enough?

  1. It’s so grateful when i can meet you in dirrect, Mr. Evert Verhagen. Altought im not to talk with you in dirrect, but about your coming to Padang, on workshop of Semen Padang before. It’s great, but yeah im not join to the Workshop, just my friends from Universitas Bung Hatta. Im also like about all of your research about creative city, it as my new experience to know more about history, cause architecture in Padang has so many place can be find. Im also architecture student from University of Bung Hatta, in third years. Nice to meet you, Mr. Evert Verhagen!. Hope to learn more from you for later time!. Im too interest in outside of my country, but i know that, about really of rich about Indonesia is also have more than i know. My pleasure to talk you in indirrect message,im Rony!.

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