Developing transformation strategies
Developing a strategy helps to have a better understanding in the complexity that influences the transformation projects. Using an integral approach, we look at a project and its surroundings as an ecological system. Using this, we visualize all aspects of a project, before we prioritize them.

Our approach
As a start we collect all information available on a project. Communicating with all people who are in some way connected -the so called share holders-, leads us to the essence of a project and the central points of interest. The approach brings up a unique and workable solution to any regeneration problem.

Formulate the project’s vision
The development of a strong vision takes time. It is never too soon to start working on it. Vision determines the direction of the project. Together with all significant actors, we formulate a vision. It will answer the question of what will be seen, done and experienced at a place.

Gut feeling
The essence of a strong vision is found in a compiled list of words. The words are used to create a workable concept and to make the right decisions in the end. It will also help us to determine the success of a project. Measuring success is not based on facts alone, there are criteria one can only measure using gut feeling.

Inspiring examples
All transformation projects need a fitting organisational culture. Who is the leader? Where do meetings take place? But also: where do new ideas come from? Bottom up usually works better than top-down for projects with a transformational character. But quite often the answer is in the middle: strong leadership combined with a fantastic network. Creative Cities offers you inspiring examples which are very important in the first phase of renewing and changing.


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