Creative Cities approaches transformation projects from three different perspectives connected to the three ways you can look at the world: the view of the land, the factory and the city. The first view is that of the land and has to do with tradition and faith. Next, there is the view of the factory that is connected to linearity and ratio. The view of the city is where creativity and culture take a central place.


Faith, ratio and creativity have all played an important role in the development of today’s world and they are also equally important in determining the degree of attractiveness of a city. Creative Cities always focuses on the right balance between the minister, the engineer and the artist. After we have mapped out the history, the stories and the traditions of a place, we look at the figures and facts. Once we know all there is to know, we add a new story to it by adding a large dose of creativity. Programme comes first at Creative Cities. We believe that the things that happen in a place, are more important than the things that are. Programme is what attracts people to a place. The quality of it makes them return.

Programming is not so much about money as it is about young talented people. They are the ones that determine the future of a place. For Creative Cities, they are therefore our main target group. By talking to young talent, we acquire insights that help to develop programme of high quality.

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