Tainan: creative city in Taiwan

Went to Taiwan last week to speak on a conference. It’s really great to be invited to do a thing like this. Since I’m not an academic and I don’t have a research department behind me it’s great to do these kinds of lectures, to be able to communicate my views on creativity, on talent… Read More

Creative Eindhoven 1

Eindhoven was always an industrial place. It was never a real city. More a collection of villages like Strijp, Woensel, Stratum and others. It was Philips (the electronics company) and DAF (cars and trucks) that made the place look big. I was born in Veldhoven which is one of the smaller villages to the south… Read More

How to start a project (1)

Last week I went to Utrecht. Utrecht is the fourth city of the Netherlands, centrally located. A friend, Emilie, asked me to help her start up a project. Emilie finished her studies on the Utrecht School for the Arts (HKU) a year ago. Today she calls herself a location marketeer. Finding new uses for derelict… Read More

Interview with Richard Florida in Maastricht

During the the Biennale of Redevelopment in Maastricht, Richard Florida was one of the speakers. Friday morning November 4 Richard Florida was interviewed by Ester Agricola. Ester Agricola is the director of the Amsterdam Monument and Archeology Office. I taped the interview and typed out an extract. This is what was said. During the time that I… Read More

Richard Florida and the Biennale in Maastricht

Last week brought us the Biennale of Redevelopment in Maastricht, Netherlands. The program started some weeks ago in Amsterdam with lectures and the kick off meetings of several studios where different projects of redevelopment were discussed. It ended this week in Maastricht with an interesting program of lectures and visits. See their website at http://www.biennalemaastricht.nl/… Read More